Right Here is a list of German Weapons:

Model 08 semi-automatic pistol 9 mm, Walther semi- automatic pistol model p 38 9 m, mp 38 and 40 machine pistols 9 mm, 44 stg 44 / mp43/ mp 44 assult rifle 7..92 mm, mauser carbine 98 k 7.92 mm, mg 34 universal machine gun model 34 7 .92 mm, mg 42 universal machine gun model 42 7.92 mm, panzerfaust model 30, 60, 100, 150, panzerschreck, flamethrower 35, 8cm model 34 mortar, beretta model. This is every gun the germans made during ww2 they did combine guns with the italians.

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